Spanish 21 - Variation to Know

Spanish 21 casino card game (also "Spanish blackjack") is a famous blackjack variation. This game was firstly played in Nevada, 1995. Also this version of standard blackjack card game may be found in Malaysian and Australian gambling houses under the name "Pontoon" (with some peculiarities to gameplay are added).

The main specific feature of Spanish 21 is removed 10's form the shoe. So the game is performed with 48-card decks (6 or 8 in particular). This treat makes Spanish 21 gameplay more interesting and unpredictable.

Thus the removed 10's add rate to a house edge and plays against a player, the wide range of bonuses in players' favor and beneficial rules balance this situation.

So let's consider the rules and edges first.


  • Double after split is okay;
  • Late surrender is okay;
  • Re-splitting is okay;
  • Player wins with 21 hands;
  • Player blackjack combination beats the dealer blackjack;
  • It's okay to double down and hit after Aces are split;
  • Player may double down with any card number hand;
  • Five-card hand blackjack pays 3:2. Six-card hand blackjack pays 2:1. Seven-card hand or even more blackjack pays 3:1 (these bonuses are banned after split or double down maneuver);
  • 6-7-8or 7-7-7 combinations with different suits pay 3:2. With equal suits - pay 2:1. Spades - pay 3:1. (these bonuses are banned after split or double down maneuver);
  • Suited combination of 7-7-7 pays 1000 bucks for 5$-24$ bets and 5000 bucks for 25$ bets or over. Plus all other players achieve 50$ "envy bonus" (these bonuses are banned after split or double down maneuver);

Also let's see some variable rules:

  • Dealer soft 17 makes him either stand or hit;
  • 6 or 8 Spanish decks are used;
  • In some gambling houses the redoubling is okay.


It is stated that without 10's the house edge receives a great favor to its rate. But the system of bonuses and rules benefits for a player balance the whole situation. About 0.8% the house edge rate is when we appeal to the basic blackjack strategy.


Spanish 21 card game possesses a "Match the dealer" side bet. According to blackjack rules the player wins the bet when has the rank of his 1 card or both cards suit the rank of the dealer hole card. Usually such bonus pays 4:1. Also a "perfect match" (suit and rank is matching) pays 12:1.

Additionally you may find a super bonus possibility. The great reward is offered for a player if he or she has three 7's with the same suit against any dealer 7.


Try the traditional European blackjack gaming. Play this variant of 21 card game through the blackjack online sites and improve gambling skills thus.


Spanish 21 variation: blackjack rules and specific features peculiar to this game.


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