European Blackjack - Variation to Know

European blackjack variation is a very popular casino card game which is performed in mostly in the European casinos. This blackjack game doesn't go far away from its basic predecessor and thus we may state that the European blackjack has the same origin and is quite similar to the standard or regular blackjack card game.

The likeness is expressed in rules and notions correlation. The strategy mechanisms are also similar in the European blackjack and standard variant indeed.

European blackjack can be performed both live and online.

Let's consider the main points of European blackjack rules and familiarize with its basic strategy peculiarities.


  • Two standard decks (52 playing cards each) form the shoe;
  • Blackjack combination beats hands with 21-total automatically;
  • You may increase your hand up to 11 cards max;
  • The dealer stands having the total of 17 (soft and hard both);
  • Prime bet + doubles are lost if the dealer archives blackjack combination an you are not;
  • Insurance option is possible if the dealer hole card is an Ace;
  • Doubling is banned after splitting, re-splitting is banned;
  • No surrender option;
  • The dealer shows the hole card of his only after all the players act;
  • House advantage rate is 0.39 percent (+ 0.11% when the "hole card" rule is exist);


Use the tables of basic European blackjack strategy mechanisms while your blackjack online playing open and free.

Take it as a massive aid for your first experiences in European blackjack card game.

Just match the total of your hand in the column given first and compare it to the dealer face up card. Use the coded cells to get the right answer.

H = Hit; S = Stand; D = Double; SP = Split.


Try the traditional European blackjack gaming. Play this variant of 21 card game through the blackjack online sites and improve gambling skills thus.


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