Blackjack Switch - Variation to Know

Blackjack Switch casino card game is a very interesting blackjack variation which possesses a few serious rule twists.

Firstly it's a switch decision which is okay for a player in the blackjack game under consideration. Then we may point out a dealer 22 points push-hand and even money blackjack combination payment (3:2 is a usual rate).

In addition Blackjack Switch provides a very little house edge rates.

As we see, this variant of standard blackjack is a very attractive for a player as well as European blackjack or Pontoon. And so it is - a lot of blackjack enthusiasts prefer this very game and consider it as a favorite one.


  • The Blackjack Switch card game is primarily based on standard blackjack card game rules;
  • 6 or 8 decks form a shoe;
  • The dealer hits on his soft 17;
  • The cards are placed face-up;
  • The dealer blackjack + the player blackjack = push;
  • If the dealer hole card is an Ace or 10 he may look at his second card;
  • The switch decision is applied to the second card of the player hand only. E.g. your 1st hand consists of 7 and 5 and the 2nd one is 10 and 7. Thus you may only switch 5 and 7 and achieve hands totaling 14 and 15.
  • If the player gets his blackjack after the switch decision then it counts as 21;
  • Double down is okay for both player cards;
  • Double down is okay after split decision;
  • Max 4 hands re-split is available;
  • Blackjack pays even money;
  • The dealer 22 points provides a push against the player 21 or less;
  • The player blackjack beats the dealer one.


The house edge of Blackjack switch card game numbers 0.58%. In the list below you can find some effects on the rates of house edge:

  • 8-deck shoe: + 0.02%
  • Switched Blackjack automatically wins: - 0.40%
  • Any Blackjack automatically wins: - 0.21%
  • The dealer stands with his soft 17: - 0.30%


In the tables below we present the basic Blackjack Switch strategy mechanism after a switch decision.

H = Hit; S = Stand; D = Double; SP = Split.


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