Vegas Strip Blackjack - Variation to Know

Vegas Strip Blackjack card game variation is a popular blackjack game. Is has little differentiations in comparison with standard blackjack card game and is mostly played in Las Vegas gambling houses.

Let's consider the main Vegas Strip Blackjack rules peculiarities:

  • 4 decks form a shoe;
  • The dealer checks his hand for blackjack combination at once;
  • The dealer stands on his 17 points;
  • After split of Aces or 10's you get 21 combination instead of blackjack;
  • The Aces are split only once in the hand;
  • The player usually stands after he receives an additional card or splits the Aces;
  • Max 3 splits are available;
  • Each card value 10 can be split in Vegas Strip variation;
  • It's okay to double down on every of player initial hand total;
  • The double down bet = initial bet;
  • The double down is okay after the split (except the splitting of two Aces);


It's always important to have some basic strategy in your pocket. It performs a serious help for amateur players and those who perform online casinos gaming.

H = Hit; S = Stand; D = Double; P = Split.


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