Blackjack Game Variations - Broaden Your Mind

It is an open secret that the Blackjack card game is the most well-known casino card game ever. It's simple but not boring, famous but also trendy and unique. Americans play Blackjack, Europeans enjoy it, Chinese perform twenty-one and even Russians use its gameplay for joy.

Most of the blackjack enthusiast play standard blackjack card game variant. It's common and well-spread all over the casinos. But we must admit that blackjack card game has a huge variability potential and uses it full strength.

It's known about 100 blackjack game variations and we will touch upon 7 of the most interesting and popular among the gamblers games. Each game has its own unique soul and we will try to pick out the most specific features of the variations list given below:


  • Played mostly in European casinos;
  • 11 cards max per one hand;
  • The dealer places his face-up card after the turns of all the players;
  • No surrender option;


  • 10's are removed from the shoe;
  • Combinational bonuses (e.g. 6-7-8 or 7-7-7);
  • "Match the dealer"stake option.


  • Switch decision option exists in this blackjack game variations list game;
  • The low rate of house edge;
  • The dealer's 22 hand push;
  • Blackjack with even money rate.


  • Played mostly in Malaysian and Australian gambling houses;
  • Terms peculiarities: Pontoon = Blackjack, Buy = Double Down, Twist = Hit;
  • The dealer two-cardinitialhand is dealing face-down;
  • The low rate of house edge;


  • The dealer firstly checks his cards for 21 chance;
  • Double down option applies on any total of prime hand;
  • Any of Jacks, Queens, Kings and 10'scan be split.


  • This blackjack game variations list item possesses a lot of similar features with basic blackjack rules and notions;
  • Side bet "perfect pairs"option;
  • Existence of many bonuses for a player.


  • Is accessible to everybody;
  • Existence of many bonuses for a player;
  • No time limits;
  • Strategy cards free use;
  • Free of charge gameplay option + training mode for beginners.

This is only a general blackjack game variations list which possesses the basic info of game peculiarities and special features. You should get acquainted with more detailed articles concerning each variant of the game if you decided to play it live and for money.

The online casinos option is still open for you. Broaden your mind with more blackjack variations. Learn and train them in the Internet casinos and then perform your wide knowledge in blackjack game variations sphere live.


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