Blackjack Origin - History Lesson Visitation

Let's settle back comfortably and familiarize with Blackjack origin.

Firstly we should mention the fact that the history science doesn't regard with favor the card game origins (or gambling theme in whole). There are lots of gasps in its origin study. Historians don't pay much attention to their records concerning gambling or whatsoever. Maybe they were preoccupied much with gameplay itself.

At all events we ought to get acquainted with blackjack card game history 'cause of its official lesson character. Plus it's always a very interesting thing to revive the customs of the good old days.


If we aim to start from the hoary antiquity, let's turn our eyes to the East (900 AD at least). That time some adventurous Chinese and/or Indian lads invented the cards to play (and so to lose splendid palaces and win bulks of slaves). In such a manner vice and joy as an integral part of card games confidently steps the earth.

It must be mentioned that gambling in whole originated from ancient China as well. Some old traces may be also found in ancient Greece.


Blackjack origin starts in France, the 17th century of era we live. The name "vingt-et-un" ("twenty-and-one") must speak volumes for you now. The precursor of modern Anglo-American 52-card blackjack step the land of Stars and Stripes in 1800's and starts its rapid development since. We mean the spring of playing techniques, blackjack tips and strategies (cheating as well) to involve the standard gameplay.

It was not enough just to play. The phrase "how to win" achieved its first and foremost meaning.


Name "Blackjack" is caused by traditional rule in old variant of the game. Imagine you are a green-tunic dragoon and you play "vingt-et-un" between the boring cannonade rounds. And you get your starting cards include the Jack of Spades (black-colored for sure) and the Ace of Spades. Thereby you cry blackjack! (in French of course) and get the additional reward. Thus it has become the custom.


On the West (in the U.S. particularly) gambling was legal from the 1850's up to 1910. That time Nevada gained the leadership (by fair means or foul) in gambling world. After 21 years of game starvation the gambling was re-legalized and blackjack game headed the games of chance offered in the Nevada casinos.

Year 1978 was typed in with gold in the history of blackjack origin. That year the gambling was allowed in Atlantic City and New Jersey. But it was just a beginning. Snowball effect caused the 20 states in general which are allowed today to perform gambling on their territory.

Additionally to States you may find gambling houses in romantic France (+ Monaco), gloomy England and in adventurous Caribbean islands.


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