Blackjack card game - Inception

Blackjack card game reckons as one of the most popular casino card game on the planet. This variant of gambling game employs the player's skills and chance both. Also the card count technique is used.

Most of the casinos present this game as the primal temper for gambling enthusiasts.

Considering blackjack basics we must point out the next pleasant features:

  • An ease of rules;
  • Simple strategy;
  • Exciting gameplay.


More than 100 variants of blackjack game are known to exist. Each game has its own features and rules-strategy-tips peculiarities. These differentiations may be either essential or light.

We are to enumerate the most well-known variations:

  • European blackjack
  • Spanish 21
  • Blackjack Switch
  • Pontoon
  • Vegas Strip Blackjack
  • Perfect Pairs
  • Elimination Blackjack
  • Chinese Blackjack, etc.


Firstly you should know the chief aim which is possessed by blackjack card game and only then to work your way for success and winning. The rule's quite simple - climb the 21-long mountain as higher as you can. What is more important - higher than the dealer, who is your principal and only (usually) rival. And that's it.

Also keep in mind the Icarus' experience and thus don't burn your fingers with total of more than 21 points. At this rate you simply go bust.


Let's consider the concise manual given below:

  • Firstly you call your bet (also wager or stake);
  • Then you get 2 cards from the dealer (face-up, rarely hidden or just face-down); the same cards number the dealer puts for himself (usually one of them is face-up or just hole);
  • After that you may hit (intake of one card more), stand (you need no more cards), double (intake of only one additional card), split (divide your 2 starting cards into two hands) or surrender (automatic lose with 50% of your wager return);
  • Lastly you match your hand points with the dealer one; who comes closer to cherished 21 or gets pip (blackjack) at once - becomes a winner.

Keep it in mind that these points are only the top of the iceberg, so-called blackjack basics. This casino game possesses lots of variations with peculiar blackjack rules. And even the general terms given in the list above have a great number of tips and fine points to learn and understand.


If you possess yourself as a rookie card player and you have a strong desire to learn blackjack, we advise you to start with blackjack basics which involve the next points to draw your attention:

  • Blackjack origins - all this dates-and-names stuff;
  • Blackjack main rules, typical odds and useful tips;
  • The basic blackjack strategy and strategies of its variations;
  • Blackjack vocabulary - the essential and the most important bulk of data to memorize.

Try the traditional European blackjack gaming. Play this variant of 21 card game through the blackjack online sites and improve gambling skills thus.


Spanish 21 variation: blackjack rules and specific features peculiar to this game.


Unpredictable and stirring - Blackjack Switch card game variation. The game which is breaking the blackjack rules clichés and set the new amusing ones.