Perfect Pairs Blackjack - Variation to Know

Perfect Pairs Blackjack card game variation possesses a gameplay similar to Vegas Strip game. Also this variant of standard blackjack presents a side bet called "Perfect Pairs" which adds more outstanding moments to the game.

Perfect Pairs game is performed with 6 decks. The dealer distributes two face-up cards for a player and two cards for himself (1 face-up and 1 hidden). A Perfect Pair bet is allowed only for player initial 2-card hand and isn't affected by the dealer hand.


  • Cards from 2 up to 10 possess the face value;
  • All face cards cost 10 points;
  • The Aces may value either 1 point or 11 points (e.g. 8 + Ace may value 9 points or 18 points)


Let's study the Perfect Pairs side bet mechanism step by step for your better understanding:

  • Firstly the player maintains a side bet by placing his chips into a special spot on the playing table;
  • The dealer distributes initial hand for the player;
  • If the initial hand is formed with a pair then the house will pay the player an additional wager (the rates of which are depended on particular type of pair possessed).

The same rules are peculiar to casino online blackjack as well.


The rates of the Perfect Pairs Blackjack side bet possess the next differentiations:

  • Perfect Pairs - pay 30:1 - a pair of cards with the same suits and with the same color (e.g. two Kings of Diamonds);
  • Colored Pairs - pay 10:1 - a pair of cards with various suits and with the same color (e.g. the King of Diamond and the King of Hearts);
  • Mixed Pairs - pay 5:1 - a pair of the card with a red suit and the card with a black suit (e.g. the King of Diamond and the King of Clubs).

The side bet may not be the same wage as the initial one.


  • Winning hand - pay 1:1;
  • Insurance - pay 2:1;
  • Blackjack - pay 3:2;
  • Push - initial wager back.


The dealer hits at any 16 or less (soft and hard) and also hits at soft 17. The dealer stands at any 17 (both soft and hard) and usually stands on soft 18 or more.


In line with the blackjack rules the notion insurance means your personal defender against the dealer blackjack. An Ace as a dealer hole card allows you to buy insurance with ½ of you initial bet. If the dealer blackjack combination appears then you will be paid the insurance with rate 2:1 and thus loose nothing.

The insurance side bet will be lost if the dealer hole Ace won't transform into the blackjack combination.


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