Blackjack Tips - Amateurs Aid

Blackjack is a very interesting game to play. If you want to enjoy your playing and always have more chances to win, you should follow some blackjack tips. We tried to create a list of the most useful advices and hints for beginners who decided to start gambling and end to play for love.

  1. Strategy basics. One of the most important things to remember is a basic blackjack strategy rules and features. This is your first and general aid on your way to success. This strategy is quite easy to master and memorize, thus we advise you to start from this very point;
  2. Money to spend. The next important thing to keep in mind is your bankroll. Make your stakes deliberately and never start with "stand or fall" bets. Be consistent in your actions and try to prolong the pleasure with cautious wages. We advise you never to spend more than 5% of your whole money as an initial bet. Thus you'll never lose fast and silly;
  3. Don't be a squanderer. Never gamble with sum of money you simply cannot afford. Don't let you run into debts rashly. Please follow this blackjack tip thoroughly;
  4. Behave yourself. Always watch your behavior at the card table. Don't allow yourself to be rude with the dealer and the players. Regardless your mood or game situation, you should possess calmness and respect;
  5. Forget the insurance option. Playing blackjack card game never buy insurance. Seriously;
  6. Vary your bets. According to your state of things at the playing table you should vary your stakes. If the things are looking well and you win then raise your wages. If you lose and you feel the luck is gone - vice-versa;
  7. Time to go. The golden rule of all gambling enthusiasts reads as follows - whether you win or lose you must know the time to quit the game and walk away. No matter if you have no more chips by your side and there is still a chance to buy more. You feel upset and tired? Then just leave;
  8. Don't get distracted. All these dazzling floodlight and noisy sounds every casino possess shouldn't bother you at all. If you need some time to get accustomed - then just ramble some time across the casino. Get used and then choose your blackjack table to play;
  9. Rules manual. Our last item in blackjack tips list deals with some blackjack rules peculiarities. E.g. never split face cards or Ten's. Use it only with Aces and Eight's. Hit until the time you get your 17 points. Stand on 17 and more. Hit soft 18 if you see the dealer has face-up 10.

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