Blackjack Card Game – Inception

Hit! Stand! Split!

You sit at the blackjack table and do not understand what is happening. Everyone sees your cards but no one has a deal to them. You do not know what to do, but the dealer addresses to you. You should make a decision. With a trembling voice you say Split. Everyone is looking at you. And now you understand that you’ve said something foolish.

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It is not pleasant to play the game, rules of which you do not know. Especially the game which requires from you clever decisions and each your mistake will reflect at the game result. If you want to play blackjack – be ready to spend a lot of time mastering your skills and learning strategies and game tricks which will make you a real blackjack professional! One more thing which can influence you gambling a lot is online casinos which you choose. Some of them offer really good bonuses and promos, which make your gambling results better, and pay out so quickly, that you should not even wait. There are lots of such casinos, so make a wise choice. Among perfect choose the best! Have you saw Platinum Play casino games already?

With the help of Blackjack Rules you will be able to get acquainted with all important things, which concern game origins, rules and tips. You will also find all necessary information about blackjack variations. Remember, that each game variant differs from others, roulett kostenlos spielen, so you should look through game rules and of course games odds and probabilities. Take the gambling seriously and you’ll see that fortune is at your side!

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Probably the most important thing you should know about blackjack is game strategies. Do not try to count cards when you just start to play the game – it is too complicated for those, who have been playing the games even for a long period of time. The best decision for all player is to use blackjack strategy charts. They are legal to use at land-based casinos, so you are welcome to bring them there. But remember – these strategies are developed basing at different game conditions – dealer’s hand, number of decks used at the game etc.

In order to understand the game profoundly, we also recommend you to make use of the special gambling literature and movies. For those, who consider themselves to be blackjack master, we have a special section – Card Counting. Here you will find the best strategies of this method, which you can try out during your gambling.

Besides, you will find here information about the best gambling places including online casinos and websites which provide information for casino players. Many casino players say that any game beginner may achieve success in the game if he knows how to play correctly, and with information on these aspects anyone can become a good player. We recommend you to read our site attentively to find all of the aspects of blackjack, but also do not forget to visit website which also provides gamblers with details concerning blackjack and the best ways to play this game.

No matter where you play blackjack, at home with your friends, at land based casino or online gambling house, do not forget to have fun and enjoy the game. Blackjack by Jackpot Capital is the best way to spend time enjoying and entertaining. We hope, that you gambling will always be successful. Good luck!


Try the traditional European blackjack gaming. Play this variant of 21 card game through the blackjack online sites and improve gambling skills thus.


Spanish 21 variation: blackjack rules and specific features peculiar to this game.


Unpredictable and stirring - Blackjack Switch card game variation. The game which is breaking the blackjack rules clichés and set the new amusing ones.

Basic Blackjack Strategy

Master basic blackjack strategy charts and use them for online casino gaming with ease. Get all the answers "on how to play blackjack effectively?" question.

This article offers you graphically designed charts with optimal strategy for your actions (for a single- and multiple-deck variants of play).

Soft Hands

Basic blackjack strategy charts for soft player hands can be easily found here. Always consult the data given.

Hard Hands

Hard hands management recommendations: the most effective playing in blackjack card game is real and easy to master.

Splitting pairs

Strategy for splitting hands in blackjack: revise the presented charts and be sure you perform optimal 21 gameplay.