Pontoon - Variation to Know

Pontoon casino card game is a famous blackjack variation. It is a variant of Spanish 21 blackjack game which is performed in Australia and Malaysia gambling houses. Regardless of your geographical location you may play Pontoon online variant with ease.

This game is highly recommended for beginners and plus it possesses one of the lowest house edges.

Pontoon is similar to standard blackjack for sure but in the same time it has specific features in its rules to learn. Firstly we mean the face-down dealer hand. And then we may consider the next list:

  • 8 decks form the shoe;
  • Winning 5-card hand pays 2:1 (total points don't matter);
  • Blackjack (Pontoon in this variant of the game) pays 2:1;
  • Other winning combinations pay even money;
  • The dealer beats all the ties (Pontoon and 5-card hand combinations also);
  • Both dealer cards are dealt face-down; the player initial hand is dealt face-up;
  • The dealer firstly check his hand for Pontoon and if he gets it - all player bets are lost at once;
  • Having less than 15 points the player must hit up to 5 cards in his hand;
  • The hit is okay at any point and after double down too;
  • Double down is okay once for 2, 3 or 4-card hand;
  • Max 2 splits per round is okay;
  • The dealer is the last one who plays his hand and he hits up to 17 points total obligatory.


  • Pontoon = Blackjack
  • Buy = Double Down
  • Twist = Hit
  • Stick = Stand


Playing in any online casino is a simple thing to master while using the Pontoon Basic strategy tables given below.

H = Hit;

S = Stand;

D = Double Down (if it's not permitted - then Hit);

Ds = DD if permitted, otherwise stand;

P = Split


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